A message from David Eno

Greetings from Los Angeles - July 2023

Many of you will remember David – he joined us on the Storth & Arnside walk. We must have made a positive impression because he’s been in touch from LA with this:

Dear Bentham hikers:

Greetings from Los Angeles. 

Some pictures of my early morning hike in the San Gabriel foothills above Pasadena, 20 minutes or so from where I live in LA.  It’s far cooler here than it is just to the east (125°F in Needles on the Ca/Az border), and a 7.30am start allows for a good walk of a couple of hours.

Normally this time of year the flowers have faded but there was so much rain (the atmospheric rivers–more like oceans–of the late winter; I think you get those in Yorkshire too) that the earth had a much higher moisture content than usual and the vegetation and flowers has grown–and lasted–much longer. Very pretty now, as you can see, but the downside is that there is a vast amount of vegetation in the hills which is going to progressively dry out and become fuel for fires later in the year. Of course, there are no sheep here to keep it all trimmed.

I don’t think it’s widely known how pretty the countryside around LA is. Good place for a hiking holiday in fact–between October and June, I would say. 

I hope to see you later in the summer. 

Happy Hiking,       David Eno