Bentham Footpath Group: Copyright policy

This website is operated by The Bentham Footpath Group

We can be contacted by email using the Contact Us link on the website.

The Bentham Footpath Group (“We”) are committed to respecting the copyright of others, whilst making our own work widely available.

In the paragraphs below we outline the following:

  • What use you may use of our website content
  • Our use of copyrighted materials belonging to others
  • How to contact us regarding copyright issues

Please read the following carefully to understand our copyright policies.

By visiting our website you are accepting and consenting to the practices described on this page.

Images and text that we generated

  • The walks on the website were suggested to us by members of the group.
  • In most cases they will be walks that the member has used many times themselves, and that they have fine-tuned over time. 
  • The description of these walks uses text that is generated by one or more of the group members.
  • The pictures that we associate with the description of these walks are taken by a group member during the walk.
  • Occasionally, the walk will be re-visited after the event to enable better pictures to be generated.
  • The Copyright for the text and pictures associated with the walks, along with the website itself therefore belong to The Bentham Footpath Group.
  • We produce this website to encourage safe and responsible access to an area we know and love.
  • We therefore ENCOURAGE you to copy our work and to share it, with just a few conditions:
  • You may not use our copyrighted material for commercial gain without specific permission.
  • We would encourage you to link to our site and cite us as the source when you use anything from the website.
  • If you are using anything from this website, it must be because you think it has value: A DONATION is a good way to show this!

Images and text that we copied

  • Some Images – the page headers for example – are not created by us
  • We have taken care to ensure that all such images are from providers where permission has been given for general non-profit use.
  • We assert no copyright claim on such material
  • Some text  – such as factual information about buildings and landscape features – will be based on, or sometimes directly copied and pasted from web search results.
  • Where we have done this, our intention has been to use sources which encourage such use.
  • We assert no copyright claim on such material.
  • We show sections of Ordnance Survey (“OS”) maps on the site.
  • This is done via an appropriate licence, and all material remains Crown Copyright.
  • All the walks use public rights of way and access land as shown on Ordnance Survey maps.
  • The routes themselves cannot therefore be copyright.
  • This remains so even if similar or identical routes have been published elsewhere.

Contacting us regarding copyright issues

  • If . . . you want to use anything from our website for commercial gain
  • or if . . . you think we have used material that breaches your copyright
  • Then . . . send an email via the Contact Us link. We aim to respond with TEN working day

Changes to Policy

We reserve the right to amend this policy to ensure that we remain compliant with all laws and provide the best possible service.

Any changes we may make to our privacy policy in the future will be posted on this page. Please check back to see any updates or changes to our privacy policy.